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Who Are We

Flatfish Media is a media company founded in Malaysia that produces original and responsible content mainly for community development and nation building especially amongst the youths.

We believe no story is too small to bring it on the table for masses.

By focusing on telling the right stories, you will be surprised at the lives that you can touch and impact. Media has been a powerful influence for generations. Thus, we want to use media as a positive tool to steer society to have good strong values, especially within the uprising champs. We also believe that we can be entertaining without having to promote any vices as to what’s typical in media today.

The Team

Alvin Keng
Alvin KengDirector | Producer
With over a decade of experience under his ever-expanding belt, Alvin has covered the whole shebang of video production – directing, producing, post production and everything in between. He’s worked with and trained many beginners in the world of video and many of his ex-students are now successful filmmakers themselves and credit their sifu for kickstarting their filmmaking careers. He’s almost equally well-known for his prowess in the kitchen, where he swaps film for fryer to whip up unforgettable culinary treats.
Hailey Chung
Hailey ChungProducer | Writer
Hailey likes to look at the big and the small. True to her role, she is driven by big goals, and diligently plots details to accomplish it. When the team excites their way to conquer huge mountains, Hailey keeps alert for tiny stones that may be potential for tripping. A woman of dreams, she loves getting involved in various fields and constantly equips herself to be versatile. Part of her passion is to be an ethnographic journalist and she squeals in delight for astronomy. As she seeks to understand the big world, she remembers that she is small. And as she pays attention to the tiniest, she remembers to be big hearted.
Jamie Lloyd
Jamie LloydJunior Editor
Junior might be his title but in a group, he is easily identified as the loudhailer. He loves being around people even though his nature of work is making visual magic through the technical side of a production. In the midst of tense moments, Jamie could bob his head and break into moves. He is energetic about life adventures, however common it may be. He dreams to become a professional dancer, owning a studio where he can bring lost youth back to path with their talents. He believes dancing is more than a physical activity, where it teaches you how to carry and discipline yourself better.